Virtual events are nothing new to the event industry. Everything from webinars to remote meetings and major announcements, virtual events have been around for years and will be around even longer. If you are still deciding whether you should cancel or postpone your live event, Staged Right can help you reimagine your event.

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We use industry-leading technology and expertise to develop custom solutions for our clients, ensuring the sky is no longer the limit.

The Staged Right team will work with you to develop a concept and strategy to enhance your virtual event to ensure it is not just another “Zoom Meeting”. Using live production tools and broadcast techniques, our team can add the best practical and dramatic edge to keep your attendees and participants engaged.

Our in-house design team works around the clock to provide clients with creative content and curate your already produced material to elevate your visual experience beyond your basic slideshow presentation. Being live event specialists, we understand how much audio, video, lighting, and technology play major roles in virtual events and have assembled presenter kits and created in-house production spaces to ensure your event goes flawlessly.


We work behind the scenes to take your message and deliver it to the rest of the world.


Similar to an in-person seminar, a webinar is a video workshop, lecture, or presentation that is hosted online. Webinars are ideal to share knowledge, ideas, and updates with people around the world. These events are less of a “show” and more of a roundtable discussion with presentations scattered within.

Staged Right offers the ability to smooth transitions, mute and unmute presenters, and provide technical support to viewers and presenters in a 1:1 chat. We cue and switch videos and slide decks so the presenter can focus on presenting. With all of our virtual events, we train presenters in advance to ensure they are ready to send the best possible audio and video.


– Lighting: Make sure you have good front lighting. Let the light shine on your face, whether it is a lamp, ring light, production light, or open blinds. Having light pointed at your camera is also a no-go. If you have recessed lighting and a ceiling fan, turn off your ceiling fan to make sure the lighting doesn’t “blink” while you are on camera.

– Audio: Use headphones or earbuds, and an external microphone. The microphone can be built into the headset, as long as you can get the microphone closer to your mouth, with less ambient noise. Don’t forget to silence your phone and turn off notifications from other devices around you.

Virtual Panels

Like a webinar, virtual panels can be a workshop, lecture, or presentation that is hosted online. The major difference is that they now have two parts; a closed videoconference for presenters, and a polished broadcast for public view.

Staged Right offers the ability to operate and capture the videoconference, making sure it runs smoothly, while also originating and monitoring the public livestream, adding graphics, music, and pre-recorded content.


– Camera: Whether you are using your computer’s built-in webcam, or an external camera, make sure the camera is elevated to eye level, and look at the camera!

– Background: Try to use a background that enhances your professional image and is aligned with the message you are trying to deliver. Tidy up, don’t leave those dirty clothes out. If you lack the best lighting setup, it is better to use a blank wall as your background than a virtual background.

Broadcast Production

Broadcast productions resemble what you would see on a, live television, nightly news broadcast. Panelist feeds are individually sourced and compiled in multiple viewing angles from 1:1 feeds to 4-6 person panels. With seamless transitions, virtual green rooms, animations and graphics, music and countdown clocks, broadcast productions are well polished and add value to your event.

Staged Right offers the same elements of webinars and virtual panels, with the addition of virtual green rooms, all elements of a videoconference, zero branding from third-party platforms, content creation, along with helping you plan your run-of-show, scripts, create graphics and create pre-recorded content.

Presenter Kits

Staged Right Productions other presenter kits that can be shipped directly to presenters for a more consistent audio, video, and lighting quality.

Varying it tiers, these kits include easy-to-use front lighting, cameras, backdrops, microphones, and computers (pre-installed with the appropriate software for the presenter).

Staged Right technicians are on standby for the presenters to make sure the setup is as pain-free as possible!