Staged Right Productions is proud to offer the full Airstar product lineup for both sales and rentals. Airstar lighting balloons are as practical as they are beautiful. The units are high-wattage, yet glare-free, making them a perfect and safe light source for any film set, special event, nighttime construction site, or rescue operation. While Airstars are extremely practical and functional, they can also beautifully enhance a special event, stage production, live TV/film environment, visual display or building design. Either covered with beautiful fabrics and patterns, or simply left plain as an architectural element, Airstar lighting balloons allow your imagination to soar. Airstar products provide a powerful source of light with absolutely no glare. Specially created covers create a diffused illumination. Available for sale or rental, Airstar lighting balloons come in a variety of sizes, and are equipped with a halogen or color-changing LED system. They can be inflated with either air or helium.

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