Throwing a hybrid event can seem like a very daunting challenge, but can also have a much bigger return on investment. One of the biggest misconceptions of a hybrid event is that your attendees will lose interest in showing up in person if they can just attend online. With years of experience in the field, Staged Right can help you navigate the do’s and don’ts of hybrid events and help you host the best event possible.



Using our decades of experience, and the experience of others, we expand the reach of our clients by producing two separate experiences for one event.

The concept of hybrid events has been around for quite a while. Imagine attending a professional sports game (football, soccer, hockey, baseball, basketball, etc). You get to see the action, live, unfolding in front of you. There are scoreboards and jumbotrons that assist with keeping up with the game, but what the in-person experience lacks are the commentators, instant replays, on-field interviews, and the experience you get while watching the same game, but on television. A hybrid event works in a very similar fashion. Your in-person experience will allow attendees to have a very specific experience, while your virtual attendees will have an exclusive experience that you cannot get from being there in person.


One event, two experiences.

Hybrid Event Production

Hybrid events are more prevalent now than they ever were before. Due to safety and health requirements and recommendations set during the COVID-19 pandemic, events, world-wide, were brought to a stand still. Many event organizers quickly switched over to virtual events, while others decided to postpone or cancel, altogether. Looking into the future of events, on a global scale, we have to look back on what we have done in the past, and what we have done to change. Staged Right Productions is proud to be one of the many event production companies to already have the experience in hybrid events and, with the changes in our industry, be able to keep up with current logistics and creative ideas and techniques. Our team can work with you, pulling elements from both a live in-person event production and a virtual event production, to continue to create high-value, high-impact hybrid events.

Live Event Production

It is very important to remember the in-person atmosphere of your event. Often times, planners and organizers will get sidetracked, with a hybrid event, trying to incorporate as many virtual elements as possible, they sacrifice the experience an attendee gets from showing up in person. Staged Right provides a dedicated team to focus solely on the in-person event to ensure that this does not happen to your event.

Virtual Event Production

There are many ways to incorporate a virtual element to your hybrid event. We can not only live stream and broadcast your event to the world, live, but we can also help build, create, and curate on-demand content, facilitate commentators and “show floor” interviews, provide interactive elements such as a live Q&A and polling, all from your virtual attendees. Staged Right can provide more than just a virtual element, we can provide a virtual experience.