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The days of posters & easels are gone. Think big ...

Projections onto a large blank surface are a great way to provide a dynamic element to any eventTo get your message across, you need to think big.  The days of posters and easels are gone.  Staged Right can project your computer presentation, promotional video, picture slideshow (or just about anything else) onto almost any surface.  We have projection screens of all sizes, and projectors of varying intensity, to make your presentation prominent and accessible to your entire audience.  What you have to say is important.  Staged Right can help your message be seen and heard by everyone at your event. 

We have also been known to utilize existing surfaces as projection screens – walls, ceilings, neighboring buildings, etc. – for dramatic effect.  Presenting images Projections as guests descend down a staircase instaneously brand and engage the eventin unconventional places is a great way to get people talking, and walking away with dramatic memories of your spectacular event.  Staged Right’s videographers, in conjunction with our presentation services department, also offer IMAG (image-magnification) services, to ensure that a single presenter is visible to a large crowd.  If you want it seen and heard, Staged Right can get it out there.

Call on us today at (410) 737-1385 or for a quote on your next event at locations worldwide.


Projection 101: What is IMAG? Do I need it?

[and how many pounds does a camera add again?]

The large format screen on the right hand of the photograph can be used to display the onstage action and be used for sponsorship and show logos when the stage is not in use.IMAG is the industry short for image-magnification, which is basically a method of providing a live video image onto a large screen (or several). This screen is positioned so that those seated in the rear of the room can still feel as if they were an intimate part of the presentation.

Staged Right typically recommends that broadcast IMAG images are a head and shoulder shot of the presenting subject. This allows those in the rear of the room not only to see, but engage. Studies have shown that audiences are much more likely to engage and comprehend a presenter if they can associate the speaker's face to their message. Further studies have shown that the abilty to distinguish expression and facial features diminishes severely at only 40' from a subject. Staged Right's IMAG solutions are the most cost effective way to insure that each of your audience members has the oppurtunity to be engaged by the presenter.

Ideally, IMAG systems would utilize several cameras and several additional feeds (perhaps logo or sponsor rolls) so that the technical director has multiple feeds to cut to should that action (or lack thereof) dictate it. This allows for the director to put not only the speaker on the screen, but additional camera shots (audience reaction, question and answer participants, sponsor logos, power-point slides, etc). The more feeds presented, as a rule of thumb, provide a more engaging performance.

Video screens and IMAG on a special event adds an amazingly dynamic and versatile tool for a Staged Right designer/director to bring utilize to bring your special event to life (even to the cheap seats). Frequently events will, in order to pay for the added cost of live IMAG video, offer their sponsors logo impressions on the screen during event downtime. Staged Right will happily work with your sponsors and your organization to create a downtime reel to cycle through during periods of time when the stage is not in use.

The use of IMAG and large format video is the ultimate choice of an event designer who understands the look and, more importantly, the feel of your event. As a rule of thumb though, IMAG is cumbersome with events of fewer than 500 people in attendance. Occasionally, in akward venues with blindspots IMAG is required just so that the entire audience can see the presenter.

As far as the myth that cameras add ten pounds those being filmed, well we are happy to say that Staged Right uses exclusive technology that our competitors don't have. Our cameras add no weight, in fact they will help you lose weight (and if they don't actually do that, we will tell you that you look great on camera).

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Projection 101: Front or Rear Projection

Well, the choice is yours.

Front Projection merely means that the projector will be placed in front of the screen (on the viewing side) and rear projection is just the opposite (the projector will be behind the screen).

Front Projection screens utilizes glass beads in the screen skin (the surface that you see the image on) to reflect the maximum amount of light (image) to the audience. Rear Projection screen skins are typically a grey fabric that passes the light through evenly across the entire surface. Frequently, our competitors will try to use a grey screen as, what they call, a dual screen, meaning both Front and Rear projection are supported. This is never the case, if the fabric is designed to pass the image through the screen to the other side it is doing so and half of your intensity is going with it. Additionally, any additional light in the room or behind the screen will wash your image out. Staged Right will always provide the proper skin for your screen, and our crews typically carry both just in case. To cut costs, our competitors will often only own the rear screens and call them "dual purpose." The additional cost of the correct screen skin is minimal and event producers should always demand the correct skin.

The real dilema in chosing front or rear skin projection comes down to your event's floor plan. Any projection requires dead-space between the projector and the screen (the space the if you were to step into you would create a shadow onto the screen). This space is proportional to the size of the screen (the larger the screen, the larger the area required for the projector to fill that screen) and always represents an area in the shape of a triangle (from projector to both sides of the screen). Staged Right's typical projector (we have different lens lengths for longer or shorter throws) has a 1:1 ratio, meaning for every one foot of screen width (screens are typically wider than taller), one foot of distance from the screen is required. This space is typically better hidden behind the screen, which often makes rear screen the more attractive choice from a floor plan point of view. The disadvantage of this is that (unless there is conveinent bump out or door way) this bumps the screen further into the room than one of typically like. The secondary disadvantage with rear screen projection is that more powerful projectors are normally required to get the desired punch through the screen.

Staged Right's designers will work with you to determine your proper screen skin. Most ballrooms are rectangular in shape, so typically we recomend rear screens when the stage is on the short wall and front screens when the stage is on the longer wall. This method typically allows your event to utilize as many square feet of usable event space. Other considerations are neccessary before following this rule, event planners should look at the paths of wait staff, guests, presenters, as well as sight lines, before making a final choice.


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Projection 101: Large Scale Projection (Outdoor Movies, etc)

            Beyond the scope of traditional projection and IMAG, Staged Right has assisted numerous outdoor festivals with their projection needs – giant screens, mega-bright projectors, and sound systems to match.  If your company wants to offer a drive-in movie as part of a gathering, or if your student organization wants to play movies to an entire quad full of students after exams, or if you have a message you want the entire town to notice, you’ll want to take advantage of Staged Right’s large scale projection services.  Creating images this size is no small feat – the equipment is bigger, the spatial needs are larger, and the power needs are greater.  Our team of projection technicians is fully capable of rising to the occasion to help you create your own movie theater.  Don’t leave quality to chance by calling a small-time audio/visual company to satisfy your big screen needs.  Call the professionals – call Staged Right.

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Projection 101 : Award Show Format

            Staged Right has gotten a number of requests to aid in the production of awards shows recently.  Through our work on those events, it has become abundantly clear to us that a first-rate video and projection system is one of the most important keys to a successful and interesting presentation.  In larger venues, it becomes more difficult for guests and audience members to see the action on stage – and, consequently, easier to lose interest in the proceedings.  We at Staged Right have developed numerous techniques to combat this trap that is so easy to fall into.

            For starters, a popular option is to pre-record the acceptance speeches of the awardees in our state-of-the-art video studio.  Not only does this help the evening’s activities stay on schedule, but allows for some creative footage that will keep your audience captivated and involved.  In addition, our video technicians can switch between rolling sponsor logos, IMAG (for more information on IMAG, reference “What is IMAG?”), and multiple camera angles.  By alternating the projections, your audience will not only stay entertained and informed, but also feel like they are an intimate part of the proceedings. 

With seamless transitions and intriguing displays, Staged Right can give your event a polished edge that is sure to draw attention.  Our video technicians and videographers are anxiously awaiting the chance to spice up your awards ceremony.  With just a little extra planning, we can turn your presentation into a high-class affair that rivals any Hollywood event. 

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